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Gahanna Campus

3690 N Stygler Road Gahanna, OH 43230


In Person and online at 9am and 10:30am

Whitehall Campus

441 S Yearling Road Columbus, OH 43213


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East Campus

13142 Broad Street SW Pataskala, OH 43062


In Person and online at 10am

Greetings from the Pearl of Africa!

Author: Josh Boggs

Category: Mission Trips: Uganda

Greetings from the Pearl of Africa! This is Josh Boggs, here with an update of the Uganda team. The first few days have been a whirlwind. We did not get to our hotel until after 2:30 in the morning on Friday night after 25 hours of traveling and then we were up early to head to the Ugandan...

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International Women’s Day

Author: Cindy Schmidt

  Huh?? This is a thing?? I guess all over the world people (men?? kids? other women?) take March 8 to honor women. I googled and saw that the “holiday’ grew from the labor movement at the turn of the century. (That makes me think of Fantine from Les Miserables when she worked...

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The Shack: Movie Review

Author: Steve Benninger

Yep, I read the book years ago. Now I’ve seen the movie. Twice. I knew people would ask me about it so I felt compelled to go see it. I’m tempted to get really analytical and dissect all of the scenes and the dialogue down to the minutest detail...I’m wired that way. But...

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Jesus – A True and Better Joseph

Author: Jay Firebaugh

A few weekends ago I went to see “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”  presented by the Gahanna Community Theatre and featuring our own Lindsey and Fred Donelson, Susie Washburn, and Heather Ray. Like usual it was a great performance and a really enjoyable show!...

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Giant Steps

Author: Darcy Stelzer

“So what do I do now?” I asked my sister after coming forward as the newest member of her church. “You serve.” She said. “Oh, okay. Where?” I questioned innocently. “In the preschool room, right now.” She answered. “Right now? Like, right...

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Come On....Walk With Me...

Author: Cindy Schmidt

It was early Sunday morning & I found myself here- at the Gahanna Campus - for both Celebrations a few weeks back. I was wandering through the back hallway and as I peeked in a classroom I saw a table full of physically & mentally challenged adults studying the Bible and praising...

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Me Me Land

Author: Jay Firebaugh

Category: Culture

I recently saw the movie "La La Land" - I expect it'll win an Oscar or 2 (or 10!) because it's about Hollywood and Hollywood, as we know, is in love with itself! Really, it has some great singing and dancing and is fairly clean - which I appreciated...What I didn't like was the outcome.

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I'm sorry

Author: Jay Firebaugh

Category: Christian Living

Have you noticed that nobody says "I'm sorry" anymore? The other day I was picking up some prescriptions at Giant Eagle. The attendant says, "That'll be $283.00" to which I replied, "What? It's normally about $38!" She disappeared for a long while and then came back and said, "$37.93." No -...

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