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Serving in ‘the Rica!

Posted by Cindy Schmidt

Our team arrived in Costa Rica without any delays, hurricanes, or missed flights - always a bonus! We are settled into a very “Tico” rental house very near the church. We had a great first day on site - Lisa & I unpacked all the suitcases & separated out all of the donations and got our supplies ready for a women’s craft day tomorrow. Alan & Edison & some of the local teens designed, shopped, and built a closet for a local family. We have a busy week ahead - lots of training, events, heat, fun, reconnecting with our LaViña family, heat, long days, and hopefully, a trip to Pops for ice cream! Pray for safe work, good health, great events & trainings, and a common bond of love & service with our partner church. Pray for Pastor David & Angie & their 2 little boys as they bring the light of the Gospel to this small community. Continue to pray for funds to purchase the current church building so our teams can get ready to do some major repair & remodeling. We are planning a Feb 23 trip & our student ministry is headed down in July! Follow our blog as we share our efforts in this place we love so much!