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What we Believe

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The Gospel is the story of how God created the world and the people in it and how mankind has and continues to rebel against God and reject His authority by sinning. Sin formed a barrier between sinful people and our holy Creator, preventing us from glorifying Him and delighting in Him as He deserves. Mankind instead became by nature children of wrath, deserving of eternal judgment.

The Gospel is the good news of how God wasn’t content to leave it at that and in unfathomable love crafted a marvelous plan to reconcile mankind with Himself and how that plan was carried out by a person, His Son Jesus, the only One Who could carry it out. And how Jesus came to our planet, lived the absolutely perfect life that none of us could live then died on an old rugged cross, shedding His blood in payment for our sins.

Three days later the Father raised Jesus from the tomb demonstrating that He was satisfied with the Son’s payment. Jesus then appeared to many people as proof of His resurrection before ascending back into heaven and sitting down at the right hand of the Father, signifying that His redeeming work was finished.