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Busy Days in Mukono

Posted by Cindy Schmidt

Sorry our news has been so spotty! The internet is pretty awful & our power goes out a lot. It’s the rainy season & there was flooding in Kampala just last week so I was worried the rain & mud would be an issue but it’s been hot & sunny with rain only a few nights! 

Our days are filled with meetings & projects & events - we’ve met with our own sponsored kids, met with church leaders, gave out bookbags to hundreds of our sweet, polite, thankful CDP kids, and hosted a Women’s Conference on Inner-Healing. Over the past few years, we have been trying to help one of our CDP kids get a kidney transplant. He’s been on dialysis & Covid really slowed down the progress. He was finally flown to India, received a donor kidney, recovered well, and he’s now 9 months post-surgery & doing well. Edward, sponsored by the Walthers at NL-East, CAME TO VISIT US TODAY! It was like seeing a miracle - we are so thankful! 

Today we spoke several times at a Youth Conference at our church. Called “Let Your Light Shine,” hundreds- 400 or more!? SRO - lots of kids outside in overflow tents- heard teachings about shining your light into your world. There were speakers, preachers, authors, dancers, worship singers, an awesome drama troupe from Ohio (hahahahahaha) ending with a full hot meal for the kids! I was overwhelmed at the numbers of kids there, the participation, the engagement, the cheering - it was awesome! Pastor Faridah & the Youth Department really have a heart for kids & young people & this was a gigantic success! Amazing! 

We are doing well - tired, but content! We’ve had Mark speaking & even acting in a skit today - we’ve all had to leap right out of our comfort zones! Hoping to add a lot of great pics - enjoy!