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We’ve Arrived in Uganda! 2022

Posted by Cindy Schmidt

We made it!!

Our Uganda team headed out around noon on Thursday & arrived early Saturday ??? We had a bad tire, a delayed flight from an airport strike in Paris, about 20 hours in the air & another 15 in transit! We settled into our rooms about 3 am for a quick nights sleep then off to Mukono & our week’s work & joy!
We met with the church leaders at the hotel & they gave us the itinerary for the week. The four of us spoke at both Sunday services, focusing on our long history (2009) plus the goodness of God against the attacks of the enemy. Mukono is the seat of witchcraft in all of Uganda so spiritual attack is a lifestyle here - God always wins, but wowza, the fighting is brutal! We are so thankful for the children’s ministries, the kid’s choirs, the magnificent worship, the Bible-based teaching, the small groups, the opportunities to serve - this church truly is a light in a hard place.
The children & teens both prepared special dances for us - amazing! Each service is 2 hours long so we’re on hour 4 of morning church :) with Awana later this afternoon! The children’s workers are unbelievable- literally hundreds of kids MANY times a week!
We’re doing well- we’re in a new hotel just minutes from the church. So far dinner was late, breakfast was huge, the power has gone out several times. We have actual hot water for showers. I have a music speaker right outside my window:) that goes off at midnight :) Mark is doing great- we caught him smiling several times today! Today is Mary’s birthday - in celebration, her curling iron blew the hotel power this morning !! LB is in her element, serving women in every capacity. Our driver Joseph is our best buddy- kept us alive during a weird midnight road hazard and keeps our van stocked with COLD WATER!! William is traveling with us from ARM- he is tasked with keeping us out of trouble - BIG task- haha!! We are all feeling good - I was particularly sick these last few weeks, including 2 trips to the ER, but we’re all currently okay! Thanks for praying- on Tuesday we didn’t know if we were even coming, so we are thankful to be here! 
Talk soon- Cindy & the TEAM