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The Lord's Prayer

Category: Prayer Guides
Author: New Life Church

Matthew 6:9-13

Our Father Who is in heaven,
Hallowed be Your Name.
Your kingdom come, Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.
For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.


You are my Father… Father, I come to you today as your son/daughter. Thank You so much for adopting me into Your family. I love being one of Your kids! You are my Abba, Daddy, Papa. I love crawling up into my Daddy’s lap, feeling Your arms around me, touching Your face. That’s why I’m here with You today. I just want to be with Daddy. Please be my Father today. Parent me.

As my father, You know what I need even before I ask. If I ask for bread, You will not give me a stone. You have good gifts that You want to bestow upon me if I will but ask You. You are a good father, and I know that You will do what good fathers do - protect me, provide for me, discipline me, and have compassion on me.

You are my heavenly Father … In some ways You are like my earthly father; in other ways You are very different. You love me; so does he. You are holy; he was not. He did the best he could, but You are the perfect parent. My earthly father is sometimes unwilling and often unable to help me, but You long to help me and You have the power to do so. I do thank you for my earthly father, but YOU are the best Daddy in the world!

You are my Father in heaven … I acknowledge today that You are in heaven and I am on earth. From heaven You see the big picture; I’m only able to see the here and now. From heaven You can direct the affairs of the world while also taking care of me. Help me to trust You today, Abba, Daddy, Father.


I come to You today as a worshipper. I ask that YOUR Name be hallowed today…highly revered, set apart, respected, honored. I honor YOU above myself today. May Your Name be set apart in my heart, in my home, in our church. May I esteem the Name of ‘Jesus’ as You do—“He has given Him a Name that is above every Name.” “There is no other Name under heaven, given among men, by which we must be saved.”

Hallowed be Your Name, not my name. May Your Name be honored today, not mine. May Your Name increase and mine decrease. May the Names of Jesus Christ, Jehovah, Yahweh, and God be given the reverence and respect they deserve today from my lips and in my family. Raise up a generation of Christ-followers who will be all about Your Name, O Lord!


I come to you as a soldier today; a battle-hardened soldier bent on advancing Your kingdom on earth. May YOUR kingdom come, O God--Your rule and reign over the hearts of men and women. May the boundaries of Your kingdom be extended; may You win more loyal subjects to Yourself today! Jesus, be MY King today.

Come, King Jesus, and sit upon the throne of my heart. I submit to Your rule. May YOUR kingdom come; not my kingdom. YOUR kingdom, and not your enemy’s kingdom. May his kingdom be coming apart at the
seams. May the pretender-prince Satan lose control of more of his subjects today and eventually be forced to admit defeat. May his kingdom be overrun by rebel forces. Jesus, may Your kingdom be expanded, extended, and deepened today. May opposing kingdoms and fortresses and strongholds crumble before You.


I come to You today as Your servant, given the assignment of carrying out Your will. And so I express my deep, heartfelt longing that YOUR will be done, YOUR desires be fulfilled, YOUR purposes accomplished,
YOUR commands obeyed today. Not MY will, but YOURS be done.
Too often I want MY will to be done instead. Change that today, Lord. I submit my will to Your will today.

May my will be totally aligned with Your will, that You might have an ally down here in enemy territory. Show me, O God, where my will is bucking up against Your will, that I might repent and come into alignment with Your purposes.

And may Your will actually be DONE AND COMPLETELY CARRIED OUT. May it be done down here, on the earth, on this part of the earth, where I live. May Your will be done at 3690 Stygler Road today. May it be done here just like it is being done in heaven—immediately, joyfully, thoroughly, spontaneously—just like the angels carry out Your will in heaven. May we experience a little ‘heaven on earth’ today, Father, where You are free to be Yourself, where Your presence is unhindered, unrestricted (that’s what heaven is, right?). May this part of the earth be aligned with heaven today.


Father, I ask you to meet our needs today. You know what we need before we even ask. And You have prepared a freshly-baked, piping-hot loaf of spiritual bread for me today, waiting for me on heaven’s counter. It contains all the nutrients and nourishment I need for today—wisdom, patience, love, forgiveness, strength. And Your Word is my daily diet, my spiritual nourishment. As I read and listen to Your Word today please nourish my soul that I might be satisfied in YOU ALONE. Give us today, Father, not what we think we need, but what You KNOW we need.


O Father, I come before you today as a sinful son/daughter. How I need Your forgiveness, cleansing, purging today. My sins are great, and they are ever before me. In my flesh dwells no good thing. Everything You say about me in Your Word is true. Forgive me for grieving You by my sins and reminding You of the cross.

Sin is woven into the very fabric of my being. Worldliness, lukewarmness, pride, lust, and self-absorption seem to be part of me. I have too often sought satisfaction in things other than You. So I plead for restoration to You on the basis of the shed blood of Jesus, Whom You already punished for my sins. Lord, as I walk in the light of Your holiness and see the stench of my sin, may the precious blood of Jesus be constantly cleansing me from all my sin. Praise You for the only cleansing agent—the blood of Jesus!


Father, reveal to me those in my life who have hurt me, but whom I have not yet forgiven. Show me what is in my heart. Bring to the surface the names and faces of those against whom I am bitter, holding a grudge, or seeking to hurt by punishing and penalizing them. Please pour Your grace into my heart that I might release them from their debt at this moment and cancel out their offense against me.

I want to be released from the prison of bitterness by Your power and grace today. Remind me of my many offenses against You for which
You have forgiven me, and let me extend the same grace to others by Your strength.


O Father, I come to You as a follower. lead me today. Be my leader. Direct my steps. You lead, and I will follow. And lead me AWAY from temptation today. There are temptations that in my present spiritual
condition I might yield to, and I want to miss them today. Lead me AWAY from temptation that I might find my ultimate satisfaction in You. I am aware of my weaknesses, O God, my vulnerabilities. My I walk in victory today as You lead me!


Deliver us from Your enemy, O God. Free us from His influence. Deliver my family from the attacks of Satan; deliver our church from his influence. I insist in the Name of Jesus the Victor that the enemy shall retreat, withdraw, and flee from this place. He is not welcome here! He MUST yield before the advance of the army of God!

May these prayers be strengthening Your angels so that they can push back the darkness today. May Satan and his demons be forced to yield, give up ground, and concede territory here today. May his grip on the hearts of people here be loosened today. May he have no consenting allies here in our community, O God. May his strongholds be demolished and his footholds broken. May the victory that Jesus won on the cross and through the empty tomb be applied here today, O God! May the blood-stained banner of the Cross be raised high above
this place. Deliver us from the evil one, I pray!


It’s all about You, Lord. My prayers are not primarily for me; they are for YOU! I don’t pray to make my name great, but to make YOUR Name great! You alone are deserving of all praise and honor and glory. You are worthy to receive everything I have to offer today, including my very life. Use me today to bring more honor to Your Name. AMEN