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Jesus Came to Destroy the Works of the Devil!

Speaker: Steve Benninger
Series: Why?
Passage: 1 John 3:8
Tags:gog and magog, works of the devil, destroy, sinning, devil, thief, steal, kill, hearts, believe, saved, father’s desires, murderer, lies, liar, unbelievers, blinded, light of the gospel, repentance, knowledge, escape, snare, captured, anointed, healing, oppressed, sober-minded, watchful, adversary, prowls, roaring lion, intimidating, sowing weeds, persecution, tempting, casting doubt, lifelong slavery, disarmed, powers, authorities, triumphing, resurrection, second death, surrounded, saints, beloved city, consumed, lake of fire, beast, false prophet, tormented
December 12, 2010

Listen to hear the reason the Son of God came to live on Earth.

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