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Wrapping Up!

Posted by Cindy Schmidt

Hello Friends! Our trip is winding down but we still have plenty going on! The men-folk are holding soccer (futbol) camps with the older boys then the younger ones. Others are still working on the church and visiting with sponsored children. We had an impromptu reading time with some kids who had apparently already "checked out" a book about Meerkats from the new library. Apart from chewing on the book when Joan was not reading it they seemed to enjoy the idea of reading!!

Our CDP social worker has been filling us in on some of the back-story behind our sponsored children. While we see a smiling happy face, the reality is often no parents, a single mom with several children to care for, no food- literally, NO FOOD, parents with addiction problems, no money for school fees, abuse in every form. Yet because of these hard lives, God is very real to them. He literally gives them their daily bread. He gives them "aunties & uncles" who fight for them and serve them and disciple them. One boy actually lives in the church building because he has no home, no family. It's almost too much to take on except we can feel in the air the change in this place.

Eight years ago we found a small rural struggling church full of poverty and witchcraft. Today we are seeing 350 kids in school, succeeding & changing this community. We see a Gospel-preaching church like a lighthouse in the community. We are seeing kids raised up in the CDP & the church who are full of scripture, worship music, and a lifestyle of obedience to God. These teenagers are such hard workers, friendly, sincere- we see transformation taking place right before our eyes!

Saturday was cleaning day with workers all over the campus washing & sweeping & getting ready for Sunday! It's a buzz of activity all the time around here. So much life. Chickens, babies, singing, drumming, futbol, trucks, goats- such a blessing!!

Keep praying - Sunday was a great day full of activity! Pastor Timothy is preaching, some are serving communion, and some are teaching Sunday School. Much love as you follow our trip and see how the Gospel is impacting Mukono village !! Mama Cindy