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Sweet Spot!

Posted by Cindy Schmidt

After a few days of figuring out the language & the people & all the tasks, today we REALLY found our sweet spot! The worker bees up at the Kinder (old “kindergarten” building now a community center) have finished scraping & repairing the outside wall & repainting the window frames and will prime the wall on Saturday! Jeff took a scrape to the shin when Ed dropped the window frame but so far we’ve had no serious injuries! Today one of the ladies from the church made them fresh hot cheese empanadas plus cool yummy melon! 

The second day of VBS was GREAT! We had 54-ish kids and every.single.volunteer came back to help. The music was blaring, Mr.Todd was speaking some serious Spanglish, and the kids really enjoyed a skit about Doubting Thomas. Miss Sally was leading the T-shirt craft where kids designed & created their own “jersey” - the kids LOVED making these shirts! 


The VBS team went visiting today, climbing up the hill towards Guatemala as I call it because it feels soooooo far away...We visited a family from the church with lots of fears & superstitions. We prayed for them that the truth of God’s Power would calm their hearts!

After a yummy dinner of beans & rice, sweet plantain cheese empanadas, and cabbage slaw- cooked by our awesome church ladies in-between working a full day, making dinner for 12, then rushing over to lead small groups- we all headed to 3 different groups in the community. We all studied the “Prodigal Son” and had great discussions about many facets of that parable. The Gospel is preached, repeated, and shared in this place. In a nation full of “religion” and cults and legalism plus new forces tearing apart the “old ways” LaViña strives to teach the true Gospel, salvation through Christ by Grace alone!


Broken record- bus to the hotel by 9 and asleep ASAP for another long but great day! We are making new friends every day and growing closer to our old friends! The people of Anonos love New Life teams and welcome us with open arms and open hearts! Keep praying - we still have lots to accomplish in a few short days!