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More News from Uganda!

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Hello from warm SUNNY Uganda - the rain has held off & several of us are sporting a sunburn from this Equator sun! We spent a second day in a very rural pagan area - the men folk enjoyed the training on farming, focusing on planting crops to feed your families. David took an unexpected “field trip” and toured several local farms.Don kept holding babies while we offered a conference for the local women. About 40 women (& many babies!) crammed into a space for 20 and we spoke on identity, forgiveness, and inner-healing. It was very well-received and the ladies asked lots of questions & prayed for one another. It was a sweet powerful time. We brought donations from many friends & the ladies were delighted to leave with lotions & hygiene items made by our own New Life crafters!On Tuesday (?? days are a blur- we are 6 hours ahead of Ohio & stay busy so we’re never quite sure what’s happening :) we headed over to Mukono Community Church, our church partner since 2010. We met with church leaders & caught up on the ups & downs of a church in the middle of “the seat of witchcraft” in all of Uganda. We all need to up our prayer support for Mukono Village - the attacks from the evil one are real & on-going.The ladies did a women’s conference today (are you seeing a pattern here:) Youth Conference on Thursday!) focusing on finances & running a business. Many of the women operate successful businesses - we had a tailor, several farmers, several shop owners, and more - while others need to shore up failing businesses or start new businesses to help support their families.We had lunch with the Child Development Program workers who oversee the 300 children our church families support. If you do not sponsor a child through ARM, it is a great blessing - check out www.africarenewal.org & choose a sweet child to receive school fees, medical care, food, and the Good News of the Gospel! Best $40/month you’ll spend! We are having lunch with our personal sponsored kids tomorrow & also doing a giveaway for all 300 later in the day! So fun!Don & David met with several men in the community to teach woodworking skills by making school desks for “New Life School,” the school on campus. They taught them to use power tools & hopefully showed them a potential job opportunity. Our focus is always job skills & self-sustainability in all we do in our missions endeavors.Keep praying - we are at the half-way mark & have had a great trip so far. One not-great surprise & annoying hotel issues but overall great weather & successful ministry! Rainy season is dangerous & cancels or disrupts events so we keep focusing on the weather. We always pray to be “the aroma of Christ” wherever we go - pray for our hearts & minds as we serve these beautiful people of Uganda.


Uganda 2023 Day 2