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Me Me Land

Posted by Jay Firebaugh

I recently saw the movie "La La Land" - I expect it'll win an Oscar or 2 (or 10!) because it's about Hollywood and Hollywood, as we know, is in love with itself! Really, it has some great singing and dancing and is fairly clean - which I appreciated.

(Spoiler alert) What I didn't like was the outcome. The movie was so contrived and diluted, how dare they sock it to us with the realistic outcome to the story! Boy meet girl. They fall in love (despite their best efforts not to). Then their dreams and aspirations get in the way. In the end, they both get what they wanted while neither of them got what they really wanted.

I think it was a sad commentary on life in the western world in the 21st century. Personal accomplishment and fulfillment are what matters most. We would never entertain the notion of subjugating my dreams to yours. The idea that we would be committed to each other so that we become a team and wrap up our dreams together is just CRAZY - right? I have a vision for ME and whatever other people come along in my life along the way are great, but in the end, it is about ME and MY actualization. No wonder so many marriages fail (The couple in the movie weren't married - but stay with me.) No wonder we are a country of wealthy, successful, lonely people.

...the idea of ever submitting any aspect under the other person is unthinkable. How much even MORE is it moronic to think of submitting myself under GOD and His rule and reign over me?

In a committed relationship you commit to the "team" and that means putting "us" ahead of either one of us individually. We selflessly consider which dream of subjugating to the other right now for the sake of what is best for "us". But in a world that puts personal fulfillment and satisfaction ahead of all else, the idea of ever submitting any aspect under the other person is unthinkable. How much even MORE is it moronic to think of submitting myself under GOD and His rule and reign over me?

You see, for a committed follower of Jesus Christ, we start from the position of humility and submission. Becoming a Christ-follower begins by bowing my knee to Jesus as Savior and Lord. That means my dreams and aspirations are all submitted to Him. Anytime my personal goal might not line up with His plans, I surrender that dream for now (in some cases He might resurrect it later) to Him and His Kingdom advancement.

So then - as a true disciple of Christ we already have field experience of humbling ourselves for the sake of the One I'm committed to. So when I'm called upon to do that in my marriage, I do it. When the needs of my children get in the way of my personal fulfillment search, I submit those things for the sake of my kids. Even in other relationships, I practice humility - not always having to get my way or doing things in the manner that I think will be most fulfilling to me. Sometimes after clarification and discussion, I yield to your way for the sake of us.

Someone said that we call the pictures we are always taking of ourselves "selfies" because "narcissistics" is too long? Face it, we live in a narcissistic culture that prioritizes "me" over "us". As a result, we'll often get what we want while not really getting what we truly want. Let's choose to submit to Christ. Let's commit to our spouses and children ahead of our own personal aspirations. Let's learn better to put the other person ahead of me. Philippians 2:3-4 - "...Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others."