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I'm sorry

Posted by Jay Firebaugh

Have you noticed that nobody says "I'm sorry" anymore? The other day I was picking up some prescriptions at Giant Eagle. The attendant says, "That'll be $283.00" to which I replied, "What? It's normally about $38!" She disappeared for a long while and then came back and said, "$37.93." No - "Whoops". No - "My mistake". No - "I guess I almost overcharged you $240!" And of course, who would have ever thought she would say, "I'm sorry."

Last week the waitress brought me something different than what I had exactly ordered. When I pointed it out to her she quickly grabbed my plate and returned in a short while with the right items. No big deal, it just meant Janet got a 60-second head start eating before me. It was no great inconvenience and obviously the waitress quickly corrected the error. But would it have been too much to think she would have acknowledged the error by saying, "I'm sorry about that"?

A simple apology these days is out of the ordinary. To say you're sorry requires taking responsibility for the error that occurred. It also requires humility. But in our modern world of entitlement where common courtesy no longer exists, people see it as beneath them to ever own up to things. One can't lower themselves to admit a mistake or mess up. And certainly one would never claim responsibility - it was the computer's fault, or the kitchen's error, or…

In contrast, the Bible seems to speak a lot about humility. Pride and arrogance are greatly looked down upon by the Lord. Instead, He puts Himself in the place of being the one to lift us up when we have the humility to lower ourselves.

Gospel-soaked people should be humble people.

Pride, arrogance, entitlement have no place in our attitudes! We understand that at best we deserve Hell! That there is nothing good in us worth saving, and yet God in His pure grace chose to rescue us from the fate we rightfully deserve. Humility should come easily for people who recognize they are only worthy because they are in-Christ. 

And yet - living in a broken, fallen world it is always easy to revert back. So we have to choose to make it our regular practice and habit to take the lower position, to choose to serve ahead of seeking to be served, to so recognize our low position apart from Christ's work on our behalf that causes us to daily rejoice for who we are in Christ. Right perspective makes it easier to be humble. Regular practice of seeking to lower our self-helps it become our default habit.

So say "I'm sorry" today first chance you get. Own up to your even small missteps (Unintentionally walking in front of someone, bumping into somebody, accidentally handing someone the wrong item). And as you do - look to Jesus and say "Thank You" for what He did for you on the cross.