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Happy Graduation

Posted by Cindy Schmidt

Wow! Wow! Wow! We were invited to a graduation celebration of sorts at New Life Christian School, the primary school on the grounds of Mukono Community Church. We were greeted by our “emcee” 12-year-old super-star Michael, the sponsored child of Scott & Beth Voigt, who could be a celebrity today! He was so friendly & funny & well-spoken. He introduced a roster of gifted children, including the graduating Primary 7 class, who is headed to middle school next year. They take a big national test in a few weeks that really impacts their future- the school community & pastors prayed for each child & anointed them with oil. It was very special & powerful. Later the children danced & sang & recited memory verses- the kids even ran sound & played instruments! They were just amazing- so talented. Their headmaster Nicholas is a fantastic musician & choreographer and the children SHINE under his care!

Day 3

Later, after an awkward lunch of “fresh chicken,” while the “lucky” chickens wandered around our table, we met with the leaders of the child sponsorship program. The love they have for each child is so obvious- they know all 319 children and care for them as their own. They shared how thankful the children are for their sponsors - they pray for them with great seriousness. The CDP workers told us the children LOVE getting letters from their sponsor - when you get a letter from them, hit that reply button and send them a note! Some kids have never gotten a letter from their sponsor and they want one so much! They hang them on their walls and keep them in special places. It’s a REALLLLLY big deal to them!

Day 3

On the way back to our hotel, we stopped to see Betty’s hair salon. (They say “ saloon” which makes for some funny conversations!) Betty is a lady from MCC whose husband left her & their 4 children. She had a home to live in (for a season) but often had no water or electricity because she had no money to pay for those bills. We met with Betty last year and tried to help her think of a job or career or way to support her family. She had started beauty school as a young girl and wanted to finish and open a “Christian” hair salon. Many of the local hair salons played ungodly music and the women there used bad language and such and Betty saw a need for a more “wholesome” salon. Through NLG’s “Break the Chains of Poverty Fund” we were able to offer Betty $1400 to finish her education and open a salon. Today we toured “The Hallelujah Beauty Salon” and saw Betty’s dream come into fruition! She hopes to add a few more services and broaden her sales but she is so thankful for the people of New Life Church for their confidence in her and their support of her new business! Pray for Betty that the salon will be profitable so that she can support her family! Her children are so proud of her, and so are we.

Day Three

Our weather has been picture perfect- hot sunny days & cool nights, often with rain that cools us off without ruining our plans. Saturday is a carnival for 400-500 children so we are praying for a dry sunny day! Also, we have an all-day seminar on Friday for women who have been rescued from human trafficking & prostitution and we covet your prayers for that whole event. This trip has been SO smooth, successful, and impactful - we are really in awe of God’s power, protection, and plan for each day. Such a blessing. We KNOW you are praying and we are so thankful! Much love until tomorrow...Mama Cindy