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Greetings from the Pearl of Africa!

Posted by Josh Boggs

Greetings from the Pearl of Africa! This is Josh Boggs, here with an update of the Uganda team.

The first few days have been a whirlwind. We did not get to our hotel until after 2:30 in the morning on Friday night after 25 hours of traveling and then we were up early to head to the Ugandan Wildlife Center with our sponsored children. We were exhausted, but what a treat to get to spend a full day with our kids as soon as we got here! There are no words that can really describe getting to meet your sponsored child, or to see them again for those of us returning. It is an amazing experience that makes all the hours and plane rides to get here worth it!

There are no words that can really describe getting to meet your sponsored child

Sunday we went to church and got a chance to see many more old friends. The children's choir sang, which is always a delight! Faridah, who many of you know, is the new youth pastor. We got to listen to her preach and she delivered a great message from Genesis 3 about the different voices we have competing for our attention and challenging us to listen to God's voice.

Later in the afternoon, we got to help with Awana, the scripture memory program for kids. Mukono started holding Awana six weeks ago. We are so excited about this for so many reasons! There are kids from the community who are not part of our sponsorship program and who do not attend church, but they have started coming to Awana. There have been more kids coming each week (there were well over 100 this week). The church has really embraced it and all of the leaders were so enthusiastic and happy to be teaching the kids about Jesus. But, one of the most exciting things was to see quite a few of the teenage boys who have grown up in the program stepping up as Awana leaders and being great examples for the younger kids. Crisostom (Sheppard's), Charles (Voigt's), Joshua (Dengel's), and Joel (Frey's) did an amazing job.

Monday was a day of planning, shopping, sorting, scouting, and catching our breath. I think we are finally getting caught up after a very fast, but wonderful start to the trip and we are ready to get going with our projects each day.

Visit africarenewalministries.org to learn more about child sponsorship.