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Game On!! y Jugar!!

Posted by Cindy Schmidt

Tuesday arrived & both teams got straight to work- half grabbed their ladders & drills & tools & headed down the hill and the other half grabbed referee shirts, stacks of nametags, plastic beads & fruit snacks for our first day of VBS! 

The community center wall is moving along quickly-Piño, a man from the church, is helping finish the new concrete on the wall as our team keeps scraping, sanding, and refinishing the windows. They literally spend about 6 hours a day, much in the direct heat, working on this project, plus walking up & down steep hills carrying all their tools! All without complaint, with excellence, and great attitudes. 

The VBS team, about 15 volunteers led by Todd & Sally & Mindy, welcomed kids to our sports themed week, sharing God’s plan for preparing for the Game of Life! Today we had about 40 kids and that was a perfect way to ease into this crazy week! The kids had a ball (ha-literally) and we are excited about tomorrow!

We ended the night with a Ladies Craft Night, with an emphasis on loving one another and living life together as sisters in the Body of Christ. We wrote our names on a sheet of pretty paper & the other ladies filled the letters with affirming adjectives about one another. Many of these ladies are dealing with hard things and we pray this tangible piece of love will encourage them. Our menfolk almost DIED (sarcasm) because they had to babysit 6 kids for an hour - haha! They are good sports!! We rewarded them with a stop at Pop’s, the local ice cream chain just up the road! 

Off to bed - another early morning & long day ahead. I always say this, but this is such a great team, such good workers & great servants! We are having a really smooth, low-drama, encouraging week - keep up the prayer, we need it!! Much love from Costa Rica! 

Breakfast! Beans & rice, eggs, fried plantains, & fresh fruit! Oh, and Tang...

Coach Mindy, Game Director!

Sally & Mindy meeting with church member Adri as she opens a new business in Anonos.

Church ladies at craft night!

Pastor Rex at Pop’s!

Happy Team ending the day with ice cream!