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Days 3 & 4 Lots of Kids & Lots of Construction!

Posted by Cindy Schmidt

Yes, more sunny beautiful days in Los Anonos- our team may be busy & tired but they have a beautiful place to work! Tuesday & Wednesday brought about 40+ kids for Vacation Bible School plus lots of Gringo & Tico (CR) workers! They used a soccer theme to share God’s Word with kids & parents! Cassity planned some great crafts & the “young folks” on our team, Dylan, Jacob, Levi, & Mackenzie led games for kids 2?3?- 12?13? The kids are on “summer vacation” Dec- early Feb (and again in July) so we try to send teams during those weeks to enjoy the kids & give the parents a break! It’s “all hands on deck” so even the construction teams are playing games & singing with the kids. Harry was coloring, Tatiana was hula-hooping :) and Steve was apparently a human art model. Pastor David was leading kid’s worship & had some mighty fine dance moves! So much fun! 

In the afternoon, the construction & rehab people pick up their projects! Lots of painting in the neighborhood, Chad is remodeling/creating a bathroom for a neighbor lady. Several are moving the storage shed from the front of the space to the back to allow more seating. Sadly, the new shed called for the end of the banana tree & the spider home in the back of the church. Thankfully, the cats, dogs, and chickens can still sneak in! 

There’s still some sickness floating around but I hear people are “back to work!” Pray against any more sickness that keeps our workers miserable in the hotel and away from all the fun at the church! Thankful for Nurse Monica who is serving as Bible Teacher/Snack Lady/ Team Nurse! Pray for safety during construction work, team unity, and the truth of the Gospel to permeate this little community in CR. Enjoy our awesome pictures!


Costa Rica Jan 2024