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Costa Rica Team - Day One

Posted by Cindy Schmidt

After leaving Columbus during a freezing cold snow blizzard, the Costa Rica team - 12 people & 36 suitcases- made it to their hotel shortly after midnight Friday night! They were up early for team devotions & an authentic breakfast of beans & rice. They headed over to LaViña for a busy busy day!

Day 1 was good. It consisted of mixing and pouring a concrete pad for the new shed on the left side of the church. And - sorting, organizing, setting up the garage sale, playing soccer with the community children, setting up for the women’s conference, organizing the VBS materials for Monday, and taking a look at the projects they will be doing around the community this week. The church received some new speakers - thanks for the help Jared- which came safely through checked baggage & were immediately connected & sounded great!

Everything is new, everyone is tired, there are 2 languages swirling about, but …. it is 82° & sunny, flowers dripping from trees, parrots squawking, kids playing- a great day in Los Anonos. Keep praying for team unity, effective ministry, a great time at the Women’s Conference, lots & lots of kids at VBS, so much new construction & rehab going on in the church and community! Pray for safety in every way and that Jesus will be seen & known through this team! We’ll post updates as we can!

Check out the latest pics!

Costa Rica Jan 2024