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Posted by Jay Firebaugh

Confidentiality is a key principle of good small groups. People need to be able to share honestly and vulnerably without worrying that what they share will be blabbed to others! Talk about trust and the need for confidentiality in your group. Make sure everyone is committed to loving one another enough not to repeat to others what someone shares. Honor one another by creating a place where people can be real and ministered to when they open up because they know your small group meeting will give them the safety to do so.

Don't let confidentiality turn dysfunctional. however! If someone shares something that could result in danger or physical harm to themselves or others it is always right to break their confidentiality by informing someone who could prevent this. It's also always appropriate to share things "up the line" with those who you are under authority as a small group leader (a coach, director or pastor) if you feel like they should know or you need their help.

When people in a small group break confidentiality it can damage a group because it destroys the trust that is needed for community to grow. If this ever happens, take it seriously and call the offender to confess and make things right with the one they offended as well as to the entire group. Healthy small groups are safe places where the people are committed to be real with each other. For that to happen, they must trust each other!