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Come On....Walk With Me...

Posted by Cindy Schmidt

It was early Sunday morning & I found myself here- at the Gahanna Campus - for both Celebrations a few weeks back. I was wandering through the back hallway and as I peeked in a classroom I saw a table full of physically & mentally challenged adults studying the Bible and praising the Lord. Long-time-leaders Bill & Maggie Hyde have given decades of service to this population, hosting worship nights, movie nights, parties, and other fun events. As I saw their faces, fixed on their craft sheets and activities, I knew God Himself was pleased as He saw His people ministering to these folks often forgotten. My heart was full!

Later that morning, in the very same room, I heard 90-year-old Fred Cathers reading scripture to his fellow seniors as they studied the Bible and prayed together. What a blessing. My heart overflowed once again! A room full of saints, still learning, still studying God's Word, still praying for our pastors and missionaries and each other.

I walked down the hall and the older kids were involved in their small group Bible lessons. Little boys and girls, and joyous, friendly adults, were studying God's Word together- reading scripture, making crafts, praying for each other. I've been in Awana and Kid's Church when our kids pray out-loud. They absolutely will make you cry then shout with praise as you realize that God is very REAL to them! They pour out their little hearts, sometimes revealing hard circumstances at home or school, they pray for our sponsored children in Uganda with great care and familiarity. Their theology is spot-on! You'd think this was a Pint-Sized Seminary! Great job parents and children's workers. 

I didn't make it to the KidzWing that morning, but my husband (Mr.Don) just happens to be the famous "Baby Whisperer" who has worked in the Nursery for decades and assures me we don't offer "babysitting" but full-fledged Gospel curriculum for even our youngest little ones! A nursery worker recently shared with me that as she snuggles our babies in the nursery, she prays for them and their families. Our toddlers listen to Bible stories and sing about Jesus. Our pre-schoolers and elementary kids can tell you about God's love, the great stories of the Bible, make great little friendships, and pray down the house when there is a need!  What a blessing to see even the little ones praising the Lord every Sunday morning!

I didn't plan on this great revelation, I was just "working" but God chose to show me what Sunday morning looks like at New Life Gahanna. Behind the scenes, not in "Big Church" but in room after room, people of every age, size, color, ability, all focused on ONE story, the God of the universe who loved us so much He sent His son to save us! Thanks to every teacher, every leader, every volunteer, every coffee maker and music maker that serves on Sunday morning- you are changing the world, one Sunday morning at a time.