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Coffee! Ramadan! Zoom Opportunities!

Posted by Cindy Schmidt

Greetings from the International Missions office here at New Life Gahanna. Though we've been grounded for the past year, and probably into 2022, the work of the Gospel has continued and even prospered as we all found new ways to reach out with the Good News. I've heard again and again from workers around the world, a "conference" in person might have reached 100 people from a limited area, but using online technology has reached thousands of people from around the world, equipping them with tools to spread the Gospel, even in hostile nations. I was able to partner with IFI (international student outreach at OSU) to Zoom with a college student in Korea to practice her English! Here are some other great ways to share the Gospel in rather unconventional ways.

Where are my coffee drinkers? Coffee Snobs? Coffee Fanatics? We have a worker in a hostile area who would like to open a coffee business and here is a partner God has already provided. If you want to purchase coffee, if you know coffee shops or private vendors who would be interested in buying high-quality unroasted beans, or if you want to find other ways to support this effort, shoot me an email at  I should be getting some FREE SAMPLES so speak up!!

The holiest time of the year for the Muslim World, the month of Ramadan, is coming up April 12 - May 12. We will offer copies of the 30 days of Prayer for the Muslim World prayer booklets in the lobby at each campus. Some will be from former years - simply ignore the calendar date :) and pray each day for 30 days. The 2021 edition will focus on Muslim groups in North America - I wonder if Columbus will be included? We have one of the largest Somali settlements in the nation. Watch the video at www.WorldChristian.com to learn more. God is drawing Muslims to Himself - be a part of the journey through prayer. 

Even as parts of the world begin to re-open, many nations are still under lockdown & unable to welcome mission teams, students cannot travel away to college, camps & activities have been curtailed or cancelled... BUT... the Lord has provided, again, ways to reach out from your own home, via computer screen! Whether speaking English with students in Poland or Nicaragua, reading with Somali & inner-city children right here in Columbus, or serving as English Conversation Partners online or in-person with IFI, using your reading & English speaking skills as a tool for the Gospel is an exciting new reality! Again, send me an email and we can talk about how best to match you with a great ministry opportunity!

We can't do much of what we "used to do" right now but we sure can pray - what a great season to lift up our missionaries & supported workers around the world, our local ministry partners, our church campuses and pastors, and those the Lord has put in our path to share the Good News of the Gospel.