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Blue Butterflies and Waterfalls

Posted by Cindy Schmidt

After a LONG week, 6 am wake up calls & back-to-back projects every day, we took a half-day to spend in the beauty of Costa Rica! We brought 6 of our VBS helpers, the next generation of leaders at LaViña, and headed out of the city & up up up the mountains to a waterfall garden park.


We saw toucans, parrots, sloths, poison dart frogs, bright blue butterflies, hummingbirds, jaguars, monkeys, orchids, flowers, snakes, oxen, and beautiful waterfalls! If you ask the kids, their favorite attraction was the buffet in the middle of all the tropical beauty!

Later in the evening we helped with the Friday night group for kids 8-14. These kids have many obstacles and having a place to gather with caring adults and Bible study & prayer is a great blessing. There are usually about 30 kids each week and the boys & girls meet separately for a devotional time, snacks, crafts or games. Todd told the story of Joseph from the Bible & followed his quest to fulfill his dreams through many years of unjust treatment until finally he was recognized for his faithfulness and leadership. He encouraged the kids to follow their dreams and allow God to use them in His kingdom!


We literally crawled to the bus tonight and passed out as usual!! Tomorrow is our last day of service and we’ll be sad to go, sad to leave many new friends, and sad to leave this team that has grown from strangers to teammates in a week! Keep praying- we’ve had some (minor) sickness, some scrapes, tummy trouble, and sore knees but nothing serious! Pray for a great ending to a great trip!