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And the Work Week Begins...

Posted by Cindy Schmidt

After a fairly light entrance into our trip, Monday came with a vengeance as we began our preparations for a 3-day VBS as well as a gargantuan concrete project in a former school now used as a community center. After a yummy breakfast in our hotel and Ed’s devotional from Matthew about our human tendency to seek vengeance rather than offer mercy, we hopped on our bus for our lengthy 2-mile ride-haha. We are thankful for Mario who lives in Anonos and helps us with our transportation and we love to support a local business. We also pay local cooks, we buy ice cream from a church family, and use every opportunity to invest in this community and these people.

The weather has been fairly chilly up until today when the sun was blazing - our workers scraped concrete and chopped weeds in the heat but made such great progress. We hope to get the wall scraped, repaired, and painted before we leave. True story, NLG painted that beautiful soccer mural a good 6-8?? years ago- and here we go again! Our guys- plus Linda- are great workers with great attitudes. Piño & Seidy are church members who are helping with this project as well.

The VBS team spent the day preparing for the influx of kids tomorrow. We put posters outside of the church and everyone who passed by stopped to check out the Big Event. The kids are nearing the end of their “summer vacation” and we hope they will be ready for a fun time with us as we play games & make crafts & learn about Jesus and how He can help us be prepared for the “big game of life”- Game On! A Jugar! We pray for lots of kids but we have 108 t-shirts and space for about 50- haha-and we had 80 last year - so we nervously await Tuesday morning!

Thanks for praying for us- we seriously have already had a SUPER impactful trip & we’ve only been here 2.5 days! We quickly bonded with the church & community and look forward to so many opportunities to interact with them! Every single team member is healthy & profitable & a joy to work with - they are such a blessing! You keep praying- we’ll keep serving!! Buenos Noches, which is surely spelled wrong!