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The Mind of God: Free Will vs. Fatalism

Tuesday, September 24, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

The Mind of God: Free Will vs Fatalism

If God foreknows everything we will do, and God cannot be wrong, are we truly free to do anything else? Does free will exist? Join Dr. Ryan Willert as we investigate this question to see if there are ways to respond to this challenge. The answer may surprise you! This will be one of the most fruitful theological endeavors for our hearts and minds. 

Class 1 – What is the Problem?

 We will investigate where the problem lies. We will ask what God knows and how this knowledge brings out the attack against free will called fatalism.

Class 2 – Ways Out?

 Historically, there have been attempts to find a way out of the fatalist attack on human freedom. This class will investigate four ways out of this attack. Our goal is to survey these avenues to discover if they truly avoid fatalism and if any bad consequences arise that would make us avoid these specific ways out.

Class 3 – The Resolve

 This class will dive into the fifth and final way out of the fatalist attack. We will see how this option resolves the problem and avoids the negative consequences of the previous four attempts. We will also discover more theological fruitfulness than we could ever imagine.

This class will be held on 3 Tuesday nights, Sept. 10, 17 and 24 from 7-9pm. Cost for the class is $10. Register at enewlife.com