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Confidence in the Accuracy of the Bible

Saturday, January 13, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Saturday morning, January 13, 9:00-noon. 

Room 206/7

Most Christians believe that the Word of God is important, but can we really trust documents that were written by hand hundreds of years ago? Might there be errors or mistakes? After all, weren't these copied by guys over several generations? Can we really trust it?

Join Fred Donelson to discover how the Bible is the most trustworthy and reliable of any document from antiquity. Cost is $10. Register at enewlife.com.

1st hour - Reliability of New Testament:

Demonstrate uniqueness of NT in number of documents, age between original manuscripts and first known copies, numbers of "errors" as compared to other accepted works of that time period.

2nd hour - Reliability of Old Testament:

Discuss scribing technique and care for God's Word by Jewish scribes and how Dead Sea Scrolls analysis demonstrated accuracy of translations


3rd hour - Prophecies and Archeology and Uniqueness of the Bible:

Examine several of the fulfilled prophesies in the Bible (Jesus, Hittites, etc.) and the likelihood of them occurring just by chance.