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E3 Workshop

Tuesday, November 15, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Have you felt the desire to share your faith with your friends, but don't feel prepared? Are you afraid that you will not know what to say? Do you question if God would really want to use you?

Sharing our faith in these uncertain times can feel daunting, even scary. There are many questions that most of us wrestle with. Even others wish that they were more motivated to even attempt sharing what they believe. How do we know where to start? What should we be doing to prepare? Did God really expect me to participate in this way?

This workshop is designed to answer these questions as we prepare for the uncertainty of spiritual conversations. We will explore how to use our natural relationships to help friends and loved ones to see and understand the relationship that we have with Jesus.

From practical training to spiritual equipping, this workshop will enhance your preparedness. It will give you steps that you can take to make a greater impact for the Gospel to the people around you. Packed full or truth to bolster your faith, as well as real-world practices, you will leave with a greater understanding and readiness to take the next step.

This Fall we are offering 4 identical workshops with convienient times in order to partner with you and your willingness to grow in this area. Register today and begin praying that the Lord will prepare your heart for this vital equipping workshop!