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Gahanna Campus

3690 N Stygler Road Gahanna, OH 43230


Sunday at 9 and 11am

Whitehall Campus

441 S Yearling Road Columbus, OH 43213


Sunday at 11am

East Campus

4000 Mink St SW, Pataskala, OH 43062


Sunday at 10am

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Ministry training and leadership development at New Life Church


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Do you desire to know God more and understand more fully how you fit into His story? Would you like to be better equipped for ministry or service? If so, then Pipeline is for you. You’ll learn how the Gospel shapes our faith and practice and how to apply God's Word more fully to everyday life.


Although Pipeline consists of several goal-driven tracks, Foundations is where it all begins and will equip and challenge you in four areas.

  1. Gospel Change - We'll learn how to apply the gospel to our own hearts, struggles, and everyday lives and how to effectively minister the Gospel to those around us.
  2. Community - We’ll learn what Christian community should look like when rooted in the Gospel and consider the church as a Gospel community on mission.
  3. Evangelism - We'll learn how ordinary people living their everyday lives with Gospel intentionality can lead to natural, joyfully evangelism as Jesus increasingly captivates our hearts.
  4. The Bible In a Missional Perspective - We'll trace the themes of God’s people, in God’s place, under God’s rule and blessing from Genesis through Revelation, considering the Bible as the story of God's mission to redeem the world through his Son.

Registration has begun for the fall Foundations group (August-early December.) We'll read, interact in workshops and cohort discussion groups, and develop in personal ministry. The cost is $85 for an individual and $60 to add their spouse. To participate, you must complete a short application and be accepted into the group.


  • "I always understood the Gospel to be for non-believers. Now I understand better how the Gospel is for believers to trust in and lean in to for our whole lives."

  • "The best part was the cohort piece. That small group mentality, the sharing, having those conversations. That's what really brought about the change or shifts in thinking."

  • "What I learned from this was that loving someone well requires risk on my part."

Pilot Group

This spring, a pilot group went through the Foundations training we'll be doing this fall. In these videos, Pastor Steve and six members of the pilot group talk about their experience, answering these three questions:

  1. What are one or two things you learned or refreshed your understanding? Did this sharpen you spiritually or your tools for ministry?
  2. What did you enjoy about the process? (Workshop nights, cohort groups, reading/studying the Pipeline material, something else?)
  3. What insight or encouragement would you pass on to a like-minded New Lifer who is considering taking part in the fall?