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None of us need another meeting or activity to go to!  But we all need to be connected with people who love us, care about what's really going on in our lives, and who will push us to be all we can be for Christ!  New Life Small Groups are MORE than just Bible studies where you go to LEARN something.  Yes, the Bible is always the central piece of our small groups.  Yes, we are always seeking out God's ways for how we live out every aspect of our lives.  Small Groups are more about GROWING than just KNOWING!

You become FRIENDS with these people!  You get to be a part of each other's lives.  You love and learn together and truely become the body of Christ!


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 Pages for small groups who teach their kids.

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LIFE GROUPS - Men and women, married and single, who are striving to help each other live life God's way.  Being a community that is helping each other become more like Jesus is the focus.

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WOMEN'S GROUPS - Meeting all over town at all sorts of times, these groups are for ladies only.

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MEN'S GROUPS - Meeting in homes, workplaces, and restaurants, these groups are just for men.

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YOUNG ADULTS - Unmarried men and women, college age through their 20's.

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BRIDGE GROUPS - Short-term groups that help you get through or get over some area in your life and then move on to another ongoing small group. Example: Grief Care, HEART (Abortion Recovery), Financial groups, Inner Healing Prayer.

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TEEN GROUPS - Guys and Girls small groups for students - Contact youth ministry for more information.