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Gahanna Campus

3690 N Stygler Road Gahanna, OH 43230


Sunday at 9 and 11am

Whitehall Campus

441 S Yearling Road Columbus, OH 43213


Sunday at 11am

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Christmas Eve

December 24

What’s the big deal about Christmas? Most people love Christmas with all of it’s trappings, but how many understand it’s origins and true significance?  

Ask a sampling of people at the mall what Christmas means to them, and relatively few will mention Jesus. But a quick internet search will reveal that this holiday is all about a very special baby born in the Middle East 2,000 years ago… an infant who would grow up and as a young man startled many people by making a very audacious claim… 

“I came down from heaven!”   

Even for those in our day who are inclined to believe Jesus of Nazareth, the question remains… WHY?  “If Jesus was indeed from heaven, why in the world did He come down to earth? What was the purpose of Christmas?”   

Join us for Christmas Eve at New Life Church, we will explore the reasons Jesus came… in His own words. And in so doing we will discover our own purpose for living!

Locations & Times 

Gahanna Campus • 5pm & 7pm

(No Celebration Saturday, December 22)
Childcare available at both Celebrations infant-age 4

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Whitehall Campus • 6pm

Childcare for infant-age 2

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